Khoros Social Media Management

SMM:  Khoros Social Media Management combines powerful publishing and response tools for marketing and customer service. With Social Publishing, you can manage your entire social marketing strategy with a single tool that helps you publish the right content at the right time.  You can collaborate effectively with your team, and monitor campaign effectiveness with a robust Analytics Engine.  Social Response allows you to respond to inquiries and provide private, trusted customer care in real-time, regardless of channel.


In SMM courses powered by Khoros Training you can learn:

    • How to use all of the features and functionality of Social Publishing to create, manage, monitor, and report on your entire social publishing calendar across all your channels.

    • The complete Agent interface in Social Response through self-paced tutorials and interactive exercises.

    • All of the key steps in setting up and administering a Social Response environment through both innovative eLearning modules and highly interactive, live Instructor-led Training.



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