Khoros Community Foundation


The perfect starting point for your training on the Khoros Community Platform, this course provides a full introduction to the features and benefits of Khoros Community.


In this training, learners will be introduced to the Khoros Community Platform and its innovative features and functionality.  Throughout the course, viewers are encouraged to think about and establish goals for their own community.  These questions will help new teams identify top priorities, and prepare themselves as they implement and construct their site.  Existing teams can use the course to measure the success of their workflows, and onboard new team members.  At the end, we recommend role-appropriate next steps and courses that will help them learn more about the Khoros Community.


Topics covered:

  • identifying a target audience and promoting engagement
  • building a successful community with Khoros' unique discussion styles
  • establishing a core community team with a Community Manager, Moderators, UX/UI Designers, and Developers
  • promoting their community through ongoing campaigns
  • measuring success through the power of Khoros Social Intelligence (LSI)


50 minutes


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This training is free.