Lithium Community

Lithium Communities help create better, more valuable digital customer experiences by harnessing customer knowledge and passion to crowdsource support, attract new visitors, and grow revenue. An online community provides a venue where your customers and potential customers can engage with each other and your brand pre- and post-purchase. Turn them into brand advocates — accelerating innovation, and increasing brand loyalty.

In Community courses powered by Lithium Training you can learn:

  1. Best practices in Community Management and Moderation
  2. How to structure, configure, and administer a Lithium Community
  3. To use Studio to create an attractive and intuitive Community UI and UX
  4. How to to customize the Community experience using Lithium APIs and SDK
Online Community Roles

Responsible for the overall design and management of the online community.

Fosters and maintains a lively and welcoming community environment.

Focused on the design of a compelling user interface and experience.

Responsible for platform customization and integration with other applications.