Lithium Social Media Management

Lithium Social Media Management combines powerful publishing and response tools for marketing and customer service. With Social Publishing, you can manage your entire social strategy with a single tool that helps you publish the right content at the right time, collaborate effectively with your team, and monitor campaign effectiveness with a robust Analytics Engine. Social Response allows you to respond to inquiries and provide private, trusted customer care in real-time, regardless of channel.

In SMM courses powered by Lithium Training you can learn:

  1. All of the key steps for building and administering a successful Social Response environment
  2. How to create, manage, and monitor your entire social publishing calendar across all your channels
  3. The complete Agent interface in Social Response through self-paced tutorials and interactive exercises
  4. How to create custom reports to measure team performance, audience engagement, and social media trends
Social Media Management Roles

Claims, manages, and responds to conversations with your customers.

Responsible for the management of your response users and routing workflow.

Creates and publishes media-rich posts and drives your social audience engagement.

Responsible for the creation and management of an entire social media publishing campaign.

Responsible for the management of your social campaigns and marketing strategy.

Interprets engagement metrics to convert social media trends into actionable processes.