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  •   Groups Foundation  
    Lithium's groups feature allows you to set up either open or private groups of your users, so they can join to discuss issues of common interest. It may be a group to discuss a particular product or an interest group from a particular part of the country. Topics published by open groups can be viewed by the community, although they have to be invited to be able to participate. Contents from private groups is only visible to members of the group.
    1) Groups Overview (7:23)
    2) Setting Up Groups (4:06)
    3) User-based Scenario (7:35)
  •   LSMM: Social Response for Administrators  
    Lithium Social Media Management (LSMM) combines powerful publishing and response features sets for marketing and customer service.  This course covers most of the day-to-day responsiblities of and configuration settings for users in the Supervisor,  and Account Admin areas of LSMM. 
  •   LSMM: Social Response for Agents  

    Lithium Social Media Management (LSMM) combines powerful publishing and response features sets for marketing and customer service.

    This course builds upon the core topics discussed in Social Response Foundation to prepare customer care agents, and their supervisors, for interactions in LSMM.  Through a series of conversations and real-life scenarios, we'll introduce a series of advanced features and best practices that will benefit you and your customers.


    Through this 53-minute course, learners are introduced to the core concepts of:

    • managing the Available Queue
    • researching past and present conversations with an author
    • interacting with customers on Twitter, Facebook, and Lithium Communities
    • merging and splitting conversations
    • assigning and escalating conversation to other teams and users
    • using the KB and Templates to quickly and thoroughly respond to customer requests
    • and best practices to help provide the best experience for your customers
    As part of another new Lithium Education feature, at the end of the course, we recommend role-appropriate next steps and courses that will help students learn more about Lithium products and best practices.
  •   Tribal Knowledge Base Foundation  
    Learn the benefits that Lithium Tribal Knowledge Base offers to community customers!  This tutorial shows you the authoritative, and yet social aspects, of the TKB.  You’ll see the process for creating an article from existing forum content. 
    You’ll also see how community members collaborate to create more valuable and up-to-date articles. You’ll also get a tour of the knowledge base dashboard which is used to manage the article work flow.  And finally, you’ll get a glimpse of the tools that community managers and administrators can use to configure how open or restricted a knowledge base can be.
    1) Tribal Knowledge Base Overview (7:17)
    2) Exploring the Knowledge Base (3:48)
    3) Creating an Article (6:22)
    4) Adding Value to Articles over Time (3:12)
    5) Managing Articles in the Dashboard (4:39)
    6) Maintaining Control (1:35)