Developer Certification

Developer Certification


Develop your skills in Khoros Community Platform customization through hands-on lectures in best practices from our own Technical Consultants.


Khoros Certified Developers deliver the highest-possible level of expertise, providing appropriate code and following best practices on Khoros platforms. This certification will cover Khoros' architecture ensuring that developers know which layer of the stack to utilize to achieve their customization goals, including visible elements such as Freemarker and stage/prod environments. 

The program includes fourteen hours of live training from Khoros subject matter experts and a 90-minute certification examination conducted at the conclusion of the training session. To become certified, participants must pass the examination.


2 Days


Software Developers: Intermediate/Advanced/Expert


·       Completed the Khoros Administration Foundation, Studio Foundation, and Advanced Studio training on Khoros Campus.   Community Configuration and Administration live course also recommended.

·       Good understanding of Responsive web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, media queries)

·       Familiarity with SaSS

·       Registered user on Khoros Community for access to Developer Documentation


Topics covered:

·        Advanced community customization

o   Endpoints

o   Common.init

·        Best practices

o   Performance – caching strategies & serving assets via the CDN

o   Security

o   API Usage

o   Production Readiness

o   Authentication

·        Products – developers will learn the use cases of and demonstrate proficiency with the following products:

o   Community Plug-in SDK

o   Khoros' Freemarker objects

o   Community API v1 and v2


o   Bulk data API

o   SSO

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